Our Services

Aspect Renovation offers the best products and construction solutions to our customers. Everyone involved in our process provides the highest level of service and support to our clients. Our team works closely with local craftsmen to provide high quality labor and materials in all aspects of your renovation.  We have licensed experienced contractors who specialize in their respective fields.

As a General Contractor, we offer our skills and experience on all aspects of the renovation or remodel. This includes the initial and ongoing designing, planning, permitting, budgeting, timelines, and execution of the project. We provide in house professionals and also work with specialists to complete each task which can include concrete, framing, insulation, windows & doors, drywall, finish carpentry, siding, roofing, decks & awnings, painting and all other aspects involved in your remodeling scope.


Our Remodeling is the process of implementing a change in the functionality and the design of an area. It may involve demolition and expansion of a structure or repurposing an existing space to modify it to meet a specific need or desire. This may include:

  • Kitchens & Bathrooms
  • Conversion of a basement or garage to an ADU or habitable space
  • Updates or repairs of your home in all aspects
  • New additions or buildings on or around your home


We specialize in new or existing Painting projects. This includes interior/exterior,  ceilings, walls, millwork, decks, and fine finish. With our experience in new construction and repaints, we complete a job with an elegant finish, sharp paint lines, and a durable lasting seal that protects the surface for years to come. This may include:

  • Repairs, priming, caulking, repainting exterior or interior of home
  • Refinishing cabinets and shelving
  • Handrails & other specialty jobs
  • We are skilled in spraying, brushing, and rolling applications with a wide variety of products including; acrylic, oil, lacquer, varnish, enamels and other coatings

Design & Planning

Using modeling software, we provide a visualization of the end product that matches your taste and desires. We are excited to incorporate a variety of design concepts to meet your budget. This may include:

  • Planning with designers
  • Working with engineers & architects
  • Coordinating with local permitting offices
  • Building site maps
  • Building construction plans

Custom Builds

Every home has its own history and possible constraints. Each project has a budget with goals to be met. Our custom builds will allow the biggest bang for your buck while maintaining integrity building standards.

  • Decks, stairs, handrails, awnings to fit your needs
  • Moving walls or adding walls to better utilize your home
  • Building cabinets & shelving for any space


New additions can be a valuable inclusion of the existing space. Whether it is a deck, gazebo, new build out, or renovation, our goal is always to add value with our work.

  • Attention to detail every step of the job, from site preparation to the finished product
  • We build to code, following local guidelines
  • We work closely with Plumbers and Electricians so we can provide a wholistic service
  • We pull permits & pass inspections
  • All of our finished products are built to last and be enjoyed


Water leak? Sagging roof? Rotten exterior boards? Crumbling concrete? Damaged stairs or railings? Give us a call! We are glad to assist with routine maintenance and necessary repairs.

  • We are not handymen, but quite handy men able to fix or rebuild
  • We have a wide variety of tools from all trades to accomplish whatever the project is
  • We offer an emergency service to quickly resolve common household issues, based on time and material cost

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